Dennis Krause on Packers' failure in Minnesota: 'Something isn't working right now'

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Dennis Krause on Packers' failure in Minnesota
Dennis Krause on Packers' failure in Minnesota
Dennis Krause on Packers' failure in Minnesota
Posted at 2:51 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 19:42:54-04

What went wrong Sunday night when the Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings?

A lot. From Aaron Rodgers' performance to questions surrounding Mike McCarthy's playcalling, to the performance of young cornerback Damarious Randall, the Packers have numerous culprits for the defeat.

How do the Packers move forward and solve these issues? Are there too many warts to consider this team a contender?

Not in the eyes of Dennis Krause, WTMJ's Packers Preview host from Time Warner Sports 32.

"There are several things you can look at...legitimate questions that can be asked about this team right now, and it's fair to ask them. That is a long way from saying 'They're doomed,' " said Krause on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."

"Something isn't working right now. I don't think after two weeks is the time to panic and say this team is going nowhere, but I also think it would be naive to see thay don't have issues they need to work on."

One of them involves the two-time NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers. He was more than subpar on Sunday, with four major mistakes - three fumbles and an interception.

"He certainly has not played at the level we're used to seeing," he said.

"The timing has been off. He didn't perform as well. He has been so obsessed with taking care of the football that the fumbles and interception really bother him."