Couple from Denmark ties the knot at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY -- A couple from Denmark says they love the Packers so much that they decided to “tie the knot” at Lambeau Field before the game against the Chicago Bears Thursday night.

Christian and Kristine Visholm said they knew they wanted to get married in America – and they tossed around the idea of getting married in Las Vegas. 

But thanks to the internet, Christian came up with a better plan. 

"One day I came home from work and Christian was like, "Oh, I checked the internet, we can get married on Lambeau field! What do you feel about that?' and I was like what the heck, it sounds so much more fun than Vegas,” Kristine Visholm said. 

Christian went to his first Packers game last Sunday when the Packers played the Bengals. On Thursday, after they said “I do,” they went to their first Packers game as a married couple.

The couple has already named their first son after Aaron Rodgers.

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