Brett Hundley now has more overtime wins than Aaron Rodgers for Packers

Brett Hundley's touchdown pass to Davante Adams in overtime not only led the Green Bay Packers to a season-saving win over the Cleveland Browns, it also led to an incredible statistical anomaly.

The man he has filled in for the past few weeks, Aaron Rodgers, may be the greatest quarterback the game has ever seen by the time his career is over.

LINK: Video of Hundley's game-winning TD pass to Adams, mixed with music from the movie Titanic.

However, in eight days, Hundley has had more overtime wins than Rodgers has in his entire 10-year career as Packers starting quarterback.

Last week, Hundley also engineered an overtime game-winning drive to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As he put it, "Ice cold, baby!"

Until this year, Rodgers had never led a Packers team to an overtime win, going 0-7 in his previous tries. However, he only touched the football four times in those 7 losses.

Green Bay finally beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3 in overtime - Rodgers' first OT win.

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