Brett Favre megafan shows off his collection

Posted at 10:30 PM, Nov 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-20 23:30:32-05

Packers fans like Jason Correll are getting ready for Brett Favre's big honor next Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

Some fans are known to have their man caves, but Correll has a special room for his favorite football player.

He has the helmet of every team Favre ever played on.

"The first one I have here was when he was back in High School with the Hawks," said Correll

All six helmets complete with pictures are autographed and make up his Wall of Fame for Favre.

"I actually like him more than just a football player, he just seems to be a regular guy," said Correll.

Correll got to meet that regular guy this summer when Favre was back in Green Bay.

"It was my, not 15 seconds of fame I timed it. I was about 13 and half."

Just enough time to get a professional picture with Favre and talk to the man, the player he has admired all these years.

"I showed him a picture of my basement. I blocked the picture guy, so he couldn't take a picture and showed him and he goes: 'Wow, that's impressive,'" said Correll.

But not as impressive as what happened next for Correll after the photo was taken.

"I grabbed his arm to see how big the guns were, he still has it, so it was unbelievable."

Next up for Favre Fans after Thursday's Ring of Honor ceremony, watching number four go into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Favre will be honored on Thanksgiving during half time of the Packers-Bears game at Lambeau Field. You can see it right here on TODAY'S TMJ4.