Brett Favre back in Green Bay for Bart Starr Jr.'s Chalk Talk

Posted at 7:48 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 20:48:20-05

It was a special experience for football fans in Green Bay. The Bart Starr Foundation held an event called Chalk Talk, bringing some all-time great players to talk candidly about their time in the NFL. 

Legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young spoke to the crowd of Packers fans. 

"I learned how to throw more touchdowns by saying, What is Brett thinking? He's not open," Young said. "What, is he crazy? Yeah he's a little crazy."

"I was a little crazy," Favre said. "You got to be a little crazy."

Favre and Young shared several stories about how they both helped each other during their hall of fame careers. Favre told a story about an issue throwing out routes and Young helped him through it. Young reiterated the help he got from watching Favre play. Young couldn't quite keep up the gunslinger mentality that Favre did but said his willingness to throw the ball helped him have better opportunities. 

But one thing Favre talked about that perked everyone's ears up a little bit, could he still play? 

"I thought about it today, coming off the plane," Favre said. "I said, I wonder if I could complete one pass."

"That didn't get any reaction did it?" Bart Starr Jr. said. 

But Favre, the 48-year-old Hall of Famer, quickly put the potential interest to rest. 

"When your mind is, I wonder if I could complete one pass," Favre said. "Where before, it was, I think we're going to the Super Bowl, your goals kind of shifted. I just want to take one snap without laying it on the ground."

Bart Starr Jr. says the event is special for football fans to get a peek into who these stars are. 

"They don't have to deliver a formal speech," Starr said. "They just shoot the breeze with each other. Couple guys, talking about things they've gone through, sharing stories. It's brisk. It's fun. It's informative. It's memorable. You can't beat that."

Starr hopes to make this event an annual tradition to raise money for their foundation and others. There was also memorabilia available for auction including Favre signed items.