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As Watt brothers come to Lambeau, mother remembers them as Packers fans of their youth

Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 09:41:49-04

As T.J. and Derek Watt come to Lambeau Field with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Connie Watt still remembers them as Pewaukee kids, wearing green and gold, not black and yellow back, back then.

TMJ4's Lance Allan: "At one point, they were boys with those jerseys, running around in your backyard. And now all of the sudden, they're the guys out there with the jerseys on, at the same place. 20 years later?"

"Absolutely," Connie Watt says. "It's taken me all this time to just continue to work on those photos from when they were young and things like that, and trying to make scrapbooks of their youth. And so when I come across all of those, it does. It takes me right back."

It's something Connie and husband John don't take for granted.

"Derek's not played there before. So for him, to be able to get out there and again, in front of their friends and their coaches and family, it is, it's something that you always dreamed about," Connie Watt says.

And the great mystery as to why the Packers passed on T.J. draft night.

Lance Allan: "I know it's almost revisionist history, but do you ever think back as a parent and go 'man, that could have been T.J. in a Packers jersey' when you see him at Lambeau Field?'"

"I'm glad you brought it up, because I was going to that, yes!" Connie Watt says. "I mean to pass up three Watt's in the state. To have a home player, you know, a home state player playing for them. But we really thought T.J. was going to be there. You know, honestly, we were all sitting at the edge of our seats and you know, as friends, coaches, everybody over here. Brad from NX Level. Sitting here going, 'OK it's going, no,' you know. And yeah, I just, it will always be a mystery to us," Connie Watt says.

But these days, John and Connie's Subway spots have made them as well known as their three sons.

Lance Allan: "Do the requests or the autographs or the personal appearances get even more for you and John? Because I would say that you two outshine the boys on most of those Subway commercials.

"It is funny, we walked into a Fourth of July party up at Dani's (T.J.'s fiancee) grandparents house. And all of the sudden, they were like, 'a celebrity's in the house!' And I looked at T.J. of course, right away and they're like, John and Connie did you bring Subway? And I said oh my goodness!" Connie Watt says.

Keep in mind, the Packers will come to J.J., as Green Bay travels to Arizona and tangles with the Cardinals on Oct. 28.

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