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Aaron Rodgers supports LeBron after criticism from President Trump

Aaron Rodgers supports LeBron after criticism from President Trump
Posted at 3:46 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 17:12:35-04

The two-time MVP quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is again choosing not to stick to sports and is supporting a fellow all-world athlete whom President Donald Trump went after on Twitter.

Aaron Rodgers told that he is behind LeBron James after the President of the United States chose to comment on the now-Los Angeles Lakers star's intelligence.

"He knows he has the support of his contemporaries," Rodgers told's Michael Silver, "in his own sport and in other sports."

Rodgers also described to Silver that he is not responding to online takes about athletes who chose to speak up about what they feel are social ills, including those who have protested conditions minorities face in America by their kneeling during the national anthem (something Rodgers has not done himself).

"I don't need to respond to that. I really don't, because it's giving credence to an opinion, and value to an opinion, that's way off base -- because they've missed the point of what this was all about," said Rodgers to Silver.

"I don't know how many times we can say, as a player and as a group, how much we love and support and appreciate the troops, and the opportunities this country allows us. But this is about equality and something bigger than ourselves, and bringing people together, and love and connectedness and equality and social justice, and putting a light on people who deserve to have the attention for their causes and their difficult situations that they're in. You know, people have their opinion -- you shouldn't do it during the anthem, you shouldn't do it during this -- that's fine. But let's not take away from what the real issue is."

On Monday, Rodgers released a Players' Tribune video about his support of the Wounded Warrior project. His grandfather served in World War II and earned a Purple Heart.

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