Aaron Rodgers' brother makes Bachelorette debut

Posted at 8:42 AM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 14:38:17-04

Another season of “The Bachelorette” premieres tonight.

Probably the most interesting detail for most Wisconsinites is that Jordan Rodgers (yes, Aaron Rodgers' brother) is one of the contestants.

That’s leaving many wondering if the beloved quarterback will make an appearance this season.

“Aaron Rodgers now has a celebrity girlfriend as well, he makes appearances on the red carpet at the Oscars, so why not?!” ABC News entertainment correspondent David Blaustein tells Wisconsin’s Morning News on 620 WTMJ. “Why not appear on a season of The Bachelorette? They were teasing to a surprise guest, and every time they do that now, people are going to think its Aaron Rodgers.”

Blaustein says despite the fact that the show hasn’t even started yet, Jordan Rodgers is already a fan favorite.

“There are a lot of other people and he’s taking the limelight away from them simply because of his bloodline.”

A bloodline many are hoping they see lots of this season.

“I think it will be fun for you guys,” adds Blaustein. “Certainly in your area, the ratings will probably be a little bit higher as long as Jordan stays on the show because people will want to know whether or not Aaron Rodgers is going to show up.”

Something Blaustein says isn’t out of the question.

“We’ve seen this before,” he says. “It’s not unprecedented to have quarterbacks on the show.”

For the full conversation with Blaustein on Wisconsin's Morning News, click in the Soundcloud player above.