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"He's a good guy": Packers fan defends Ty Montgomery after chance encounter in Los Angeles

Posted at 11:10 AM, Oct 30, 2018

Ty Montgomery may be getting a lot of the blame for thePackers' 29-27 loss against the Los Angeles Rams. But one fan wants everyone to know that Montgomery isn't as bad of a person as people claim him to be.

Reddit user "dansmitty22" posted a picture with the running back saying that Montgomery bought him food at a Smash Burger in Los Angeles the night before the game.

"He's a good guy and has emotions like any other man," the post said.

Montgomery and his family have been reportedly threatened after he fumbled on a kickoff late in the fourth quarter securing the win for the Rams. A report also claims that Montgomery, threw a "tantrum" and went against a coach's wishes before the ensuing fumble.

The post currently has more than 700 upvotes. We had dansmitty22 explain what happened in his own words:

"We were standing behind [him] in Smash Burger in downtown Los Angeles. I recognize him and I go 'wait are you Ty Montgomery?'" dansmitty22 told TODAY'S TMJ4. "He looks around for a second and goes 'yeah.'"

But that's just where the story truly starts:

We chit chat for a minute and I offer to buy his food. He denies it but he isn’t ready to order so he tells me to go ahead of him. I order a $10 meal and he offers to buy it. I deny it but he then tells me 'I get per diem so the Packers are really the ones buying it'. It was probably one of the best sandwiches of my life then."