Former UWM star, Demetrius Harris, makes major play in NFL game

Posted at 7:54 PM, Nov 29, 2016

Sunday night's football game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs was filled with a lot of action, but former University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee basketball player Demetrius Harris may have had the play of the night.

Harris tells TODAY'S TMJ4 that it was a no brainer; he just knew he was going to make the game-tying catch in the final seconds of the game, where the Chiefs eventually won in overtime.

"I just had full confidence going up to the line, knowing I was going to get the ball and I came up and made a huge play," Harris said.

It was on primetime television while the whole world was watching.

"It was a perfect ball, he threw it away from pressure and threw it behind me, and I just used my big body to shield a good corner," he said.

Using a body that used to run up and down the basketball courts at UWM, Harris' road to the NFL is uncommon. The 6’7 TE didn't play football in college but through hardwork, he's now a three-year vet with the Chiefs.

"It's just amazing and a blessing to be in this situation," Harris said.

Making his fans back in Milwaukee very proud, Titus Curtain works at UWM and he said it was a joy watching the play.

"It makes me feel good yeah…Every time you see someone come from here and succeed, we're rooting for them to succeed," Curtain said.

And Harris appreciates all the love he's been receiving from Milwaukee since Sunday night.

"I just really appreciate the love and the support man, and I just never forget where I came…Probably the biggest moment in my career. Hopefully I'll get more plays like that," Harris said.