Former Olympian Bonnie Blair Cruikshank, family reap benefits of cryotherapy

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jul 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-25 09:13:34-04

For the Cruikshank family, skating is life. Even after five gold medals, Bonnie Blair Cruikshank still speedskates often and trains with her daughter, Blair.

To maintain an active lifestyle, the Cruikshank family believes in the benefits of cryotherapy.

"It's kind of something that helps the aches and pains of old age," Bonnie said.

"Too bad we didn't have this years ago," she said. "It feels like skating outside on the outdoor oval but has the same benefit."

Husband Dave coaches hockey skating technique.

"I took a spill on the ice, and after this, I had no pain," Dave said.

"You feel like this is something to believe in ... to make you better," Bonnie said.

"I'm positive there's no way I'd feel this good without it," Dave said.

In the cryotherapy chamber, a cold treatment lasts three minutes in 200 to 250 below zero temperatures.

"It just feels great, and it only takes three minutes," Bonnie said.

Proving everyone uses it for different reasons, Bonnie's son Grant is rehabbing a knee injury, while sister Blair loves using it to recover from speedskating training.

"It's hard, but in between it helps without being sore," Blair said.

"Too bad we didn't have this years ago. It feels like skating outside on the outdoor oval but has the same benefit." — Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair Cruikshank, on cryotherapy

So now it's to the point where no guts, no glory.

"Now the real athletes can laugh at the amateur," TODAY'S TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan said as he entered the cryofit chamber. "The only advantage I have is that I'm used to Wisconsin winters, and now I know how Grant and Blair feel on the ice. I feel like a champ."

"You crushed it, just got jittery at the end," Grant said.

Cryofit sessions cost about $45 to $60 per session. If you want to check it out, they are at 15435 W. National Ave. in New Berlin.