Weekend Warriors: Brew City Banger drifts into Milwaukee

Posted at 6:56 PM, May 28, 2021

It's time for our latest installment of Weekend Warriors. And this time, it's like the real-life version of the 'Fast and Furious' movies.

The Brew City Banger drifting event takes place June 12 at the Milwaukee Mile.

"My buddies and I? We are passionate about racing. Passionate about cars, and more than anything? Getting the community involved in this," Alek Wood says.

Alek Wood is the event organizer.

"Drifting is one of the largest growing motorsports, in the country right now. But it's still not on everybody's radar," Wood says. "Impressive the talent that these guys have to drive their cars sidewise around a track, and usually very close to each other, what we call tandem drifting. These guys will be right on each other's doors going back and back. Between corners, inches apart from each other."

Yes, you can burn rubber. And a lot of it.

"You do go through quite a few tires!" Wood says. "So that's actually why we want to thank our presenting sponsor, Track Day Direct. They supply tires and been doing it for a few years. So these guys are all going to be going through a lot of tires on that day."

How can you get into it?

"The best way to get involved would be going to a skidpad, and you can start learning the basics of oversteer," Wood says.

The variety of cars is incredible.

"90s Japanese 4-cylinder base like you were describing. Or guys that are coming out with Mustangs and Camaros and American muscle. Everybody has a very unique story behind their car, and what they've put into it," Wood says.

And if you think this for the wealthy? Just listen to the story of Alek. A true weekend warrior.

"So right now I'm a second year in medical school," Wood says. "You find a way to make it work on a 20-something-year-old budget too. It's not impossible. Everybody has a 9 to 5 job. Everybody's using their income to fund this hobby like any other."

The gates open for the Brew City Banger at 10 a.m. and racing at the Milwaukee Mile goes until 11 p.m. on June 12, meaning they will run under the lights.

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