Greenfield-Greendale game dedicated to cheerleader with bone cancer

Posted at 10:17 PM, Aug 25, 2017

As two rivals schools face off, the fans around them come together to support a cheerleader battling cancer.

Logan Begin was diagnosed with bone cancer in the spring. As he undergoes chemotherapy the school dedicated the Friday night game to him.

There was a sea of yellow all over the Greenfield High School's stands. It's the color for bone cancer. The words Begin never thought he would hear.

"I was really scared at first," Begin said.

He is a cheerleader and in the junior ROTC. He was playing around during the fitness day for ROTC this spring when something happened.

"In true Logan style, he was walking on his hands down the track and when he came down, his leg snapped," said Andrew Davis, his junior ROTC instructor.

That is when doctors discovered the cancer. Begin had to have his fibula in one leg removed and his femur in the other. And for a kid who considers himself an acrobat and a cheerleader, he heard even worse news.

"They told me that there was no chance that I ever was going to be able to flip again and that was everything that I loved to do," Begin said.

The prognosis though is good. Begin is down to his last two chemo treatments, which he can do while he goes back to class.

"I can take passes during the day from the hospital so I get to go to school and then I go back to the hospital," Begin said.

But what has kept his spirits up is his friends. Friday night, the cheerleaders from Greenfield joined with Greendale High School to offer their support in the stands and on the field.

The chanted, "L-o-g-a-n, let's go Logan."

That went on over and over again during halftime as they collected money for his treatment.

"Greendale and Greenfield are like rivals and we're coming together and it means a lot to me," Begin said.

The collected money at the game will also go to  MACC fund to help other kids battling cancer.

Plus, doctors told Begin some good news, he can try flipping again after treatment.