Fans gather to support Bucks in Atlanta ahead of Game 3

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-27 09:02:52-04

ATLANTA — Creating a mass group with one Facebook post, isn't a fluke, it's Milwaukee.

"I want to watch the game. I'm going to go to Dugans, we are playing the Cowboys come meet me. You remember the catch? That was our first game and we've been watching ever since," Jeff Johnson, creator of the Green Bay Packers Crew in Atlanta group.

As Jeff kept posting and the Green Bay Packers Crew kept growing, Milwaukee pride found its way on the streets of Atlanta.

"I live in Atlanta, but the Bucks are my team, the Packers are my team," says Demetra Morgan, Milwaukee native now Atlanta resident.

"You start seeing the t-shirts and you start seeing faces and like wait you went to school with me, and the faces start looking familiar," says Terri Bearden, Milwaukee native and member of the GBPC Group.

Even if you aren't an old friend, this group is willing to teach you the Milwaukee way.

"My job is to make people happy, if I didn't make you happy, I didn't do my job," says Jeff.

Whether that's with a place to watch the game, or a place that feels like home, the GBPC is in Atlanta waiting for you.

"We are everywhere. And now I have 3-thousand new family members.," says Terri.

Find the group on Facebook here.

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