Fans flock to Lambeau for Wisconsin, LSU game

The Badgers won the game 16-14.
Posted at 6:25 PM, Sep 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-03 19:43:49-04

GREEN BAY -- Saturday’s Wisconsin vs. Louisiana State game was the first major college football game at Lambeau Field and a record number of fans turned out.

“They call this title town,” said Sam Mahfouz from Louisiana. “It's wonderful that LSU got invited to be the first.”

While thousands of Tiger fans turned out, traveling two days on the road or catching two-hour flight, Lambeau Field was covered in red.

At almost every tailgate party, we found the Wisconsin staples: bratwurst and cheese. However, fans from Baton Rouge and Louisiana brought their local flavors.

“We had a great tailgate party. We had boudin and we had Louisiana crawfish pie. So we had some of the hometown things, but we tried your Wisconsin cheese,” Steve Panepinto said.

While the tailgate parties were huge, rivalry was set aside to help families devastated by the floods in Louisiana.

“Our state has kinda had a rough time over the last three weeks and it's nice to get away,” Robin Giles said.

At almost every entrance inside Lambeau field there were Red Cross workers collecting donations.

Just like the fans who are pouring in, so was the help.

“It makes me feel good that people from Wisconsin might be generating help too,” Jill Abadie said.

LSU fans interacted with Badger fans while waiting in long lines. That’s where Badger fan Tom Wise said people from central Louisiana shared pictures of the devastation.

“Their stuff was out on the street between the house and the street, and the street was flooded with water. It was really sad.” Wise said.