Derek Watt on getting married, playing football and family

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 23:52:38-04

When it comes to weddings, Derek Watt beat his brothers to the punch.  The first Watt brother, to get married.  

Plus he was smart enough to let his lovely bride Gabriella, handle the details.  

"I was you know obviously nervous, but everything went well," Derek says about his big day.  "You know, Gabriella my wife planned everything, you know pretty much on her own.  And I just sat back, and yes, sure, go ahead, yeah, sounds good to me kind of stuff.  But she busted her butt and got it all worked out and it was a great day."  

He said it's kind of like a football game plan. 

 "Exactly. She was a coach, I was a player. Just, yes ma'am," he said. 

Family means everything to Derek. His dad retired after 29 years with Pewaukee Fire, so with the fallen firefighter in Sun Prairie, there was no doubt his brother J.J. would make a $10,000 donation.

"It hits home because our Dad was a firefighter for I believe 29 years," Derek said. "And it's tough, they're already working 24 hour shifts and they're away from home so often and it's not just him being away, but you know what he's doing every day, fighting fires."

Then there's the matter of J.J., T.J., and Derek.  Why not D.J.?  Derek explains it well.  

"Growing up, I wanted to be Derek.  Because I got the DJ and DJ Tanner from Full House and then D.W. from Arthur, little stuff when you're a kid," he said. "You don't want to be D.W. from Arthur.  I don't want to be DJ Tanner from Full House."

And as far as football goes, T.J. Watt could face his brother Derek Dec. 2, when the Steelers play the Chargers.  

 "I'll do whatever I can to sell it," Derek said.  "Like I'm going to come and cut the crap out of him and slip on by him and get a big play."

Sounds like sibling rivalry is alive and well in the Watt household.