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Bucks GM Jon Horst shares thoughts on how adversity in the regular-season could help come playoff time

Posted at 7:07 AM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 08:07:41-04

There's a theory that the Bucks's adversity this season of tougher wins and losses, injuries, and working on new defensive principles for the playoffs could lead to more postseason success than just finishing with the best regular-season record and faltering in the postseason.

Does Bucks GM Jon Horst buy into that theory?

"I know that the last 2 years, we're been historically great. By far had the best record in the NBA, and we didn't win a championship," Bucks General Manager Jon Horst says. "This year I don't think we're going to be historically great in the regular season. And we're not going to have the best record in the NBA. I hope we win a championship, I guess we'll find out. But I do think there's some level of you know, confidence that comes with not facing real adversity in terms of winning and losing in the playoffs."

The Phoenix Suns narrowly won against the Bucks on Monday, 128-127.

"I don't think you want to have your first two-game losing streak of the season or three-game losing streak of the season in the playoffs. That's probably not a great thing to have. And that happened to us, two years ago. I don't know if you guys remember or not, but we went the entire season I think without losing two games in a row until the playoffs," said Horst. "And that's not necessarily a circumstance that you want to be in, in my opinion. So yeah, I think there's some confidence in getting through some stuff together now, that should hopefully pay off for us in the playoffs."

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