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Bucks fans believe Georgia peaches could be the key to beating Atlanta Hawks

Tree-Ripe Fruit has brought tons of sweet peaches to the Midwest
Posted at 4:31 PM, Jun 22, 2021

GREENFIELD — The Atlanta Hawks aren't the only Georgia staple coming to Milwaukee this week.

People waited in line for sweet peaches, but how sweet can they be for Bucks fans ahead of game one in the Eastern Conference Finals?

For the past 20 years, Tree-Ripe Fruit has brought tons of sweet peaches to the Midwest from Georgia, drawing hundreds of Wisconsinites.

"This fruit is picked, one or two, and we've got it here on the back of the truck and we've got it for sale," Tree-Ripe-Fruit route manager Lyle Farrell said.

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Farrell said while he sells the peaches, he's betting on the Milwaukee Bucks over the Atlanta Hawks for the Eastern Conference Finals.

"Well, the Bucks are going to win everything, there's no doubt about it," Farrell said. "It's too bad for Georgia, but they're going to lose this one."

Hundreds stopped by Greenfield for Georgia peaches
People wait patiently in Greenfield for Georgia Peaches

In Greenfield, the line for peaches wrapped around the parking lot for hours as people waited patiently.

"You bite into them and the juices running down your shirt. Now, that's a good Georgia peach," Milwaukee resident Tom Hyland said.

Milwaukee Bucks super fan Terry Zab said she spends her days coaching the team from the comfort of her home.

"My favorite player is [Brook] Lopez. I holler at him all the time when I watch the game, because he picks the rebounds up, but he can't make the baby shots," Zab said, smiling.

But she may have the key to winning the game in her hands.

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"Every time I take a bite, they're going to make a three pointer," Zab said and laughed.

She said she's been buying peaches for years and loves how juicy and sweet they are, but she's even more elated to be able to enjoy them while watching the Bucks win.

When we asked her if she believed the team would make it to the NBA finals, she immediately said yes, definitely!

I guess we'll see if the sweet peaches lead to sweet victories for the Bucks in this series.

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