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Big Bend Elementary School challenges Wisconsin schools to 'Do the Bobby' amid Bucks playoff series

big bend elementary school
Posted at 4:37 PM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-29 17:37:25-04

BIG BEND, Wis. — There are some big Bobby Portis fans over at Big Bend Elementary School in Waukesha County.

As the Milwaukee Bucks prepare for their Eastern Conference showdown, third graders are starting their day by "Doing the Bobby."

WATCH: Big Bend Elementary School students 'Do the Bobby'

In a video posted Friday by Big Bend Elementary School, Principal Shawn Waller says they like to start each day on a positive note.

"One of the things we do in order to accomplish that is to have our students greet the teacher in a way that they choose each morning," Waller said. "Ms. Vadnais has a nice list of things the students can do to start their day."

Some of those things include a foot tap, elbow bump, dancing, fist bump, and you guessed it... Do the Bobby.

do the bobby
Third grade students at Big Bend Elementary School "Do the Bobby" to start their school day.

"With April being such a gloomy month and trying to brighten things up a little bit here, we're all excited about the Bucks and their playoff run, and especially Mr. Bobby Portis," Waller said in the video. "We really appreciate the positive energy he brings to the court each time he plays, so we added one called 'Do the Bobby.'"

It even caught the attention of Portis himself. Portis retweeted the video on Twitter Friday saying, "Wow, now this is dope!"

Now, Big Bend Elementary School is challenging everybody at schools across Wisconsin to start their day with the "Do the Bobby" challenge.

"Anybody in the work place, department stores, office buildings, can you imagine if your coworkers greeted you everyday with 'Doing the Bobby'? I think this world would be a much happier place," Waller finished. "Do the Bobby, get your day started off right."

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