Attention, Kyrie Irving: That's actually a new court for tonight's Bucks-Celtics game at old MECCA

The Milwaukee Bucks, in their return-to-the-MECCA game tonight against the Boston Celtics, are playing on a completely new court that is designed to match the original 1970's-through-1980's Robert Indiana art deco design the Bucks and Marquette played on in that era.

Kyrie Irving, a Boston Celtics superstar, apparently didn't get the message.

Chris Forsberg, a Celtics beat reporter for ESPN, shared this video where Irving shared his thoughts about the court, seemingly intimating that he thought it was the original 40-year-old court.

The Bucks later sub-tweeted Irving, as the reporter put it...

Irving also said at one point that the earth was flat, though he later said he was "trolling everyone about that 'flat earth' stuff."

Listen tonight at 6:40 p.m. on 620 WTMJ.

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