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Wisconsin-Illinois sports rivalries get heated, but civil, in Kenosha

Posted at 10:02 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 23:18:29-04

A day after the Packers' big comeback win against the Bears, the cross-state rivalry continues. The Milwaukee Brewers started a three-game series against the Chicago Cubs Monday evening at Wrigley Field.

In Kenosha, which is sometimes called the 50-yard line for the cross-state rivalry, neighbors and even families are divided. 

In a south-side Kenosha neighborhood, next door neighbors have different loyalties.

“I am a Bears fan,” said Vince Castelli wearing a Cubs hat.

“Brewers and Packers,” said Ben Rohlman.

That does stop the Rohlman Family from having their Bears and Cubs-loving neighbor over for all the games, including Sunday’s Packers game.

“I was pretty surprised myself we didn’t ask him to leave, to be honest. I actually had to remove myself at halftime,” sad Rohlman.

But the neighbors are back together Monday night watching the Brewers take on the Cubs. And the state line split didn’t end there.

The Brat Stop has some Chicago invaders watching the game. But a Kenosha family knows all too well what that is like.

“We do have two sons who are Bears fans,” said Packers fan Randy Richie. “We are a divided household. We have grandkids that they won’t even wear a Packers jersey.”

They are not sure what happened, they wonder if maybe it was growing up near the state line. But Richie is still confused.

“Wisconsin, you have to root for Wisconsin!” said Richie.