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'Ready to get back to some good times': Tailgating returns to Brewers home games

Posted at 10:23 PM, Apr 12, 2021

MILWAUKEE — It's still one of the biggest rivalries in baseball, but Monday Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers fans safely came together to enjoy a game and some tailgating at American Family Field.

"Wrigley doesn't do any of this type of stuff. You can walk the streets and go to the bars and restaurants, but this is nice. Especially being the first time this year," says Michael Anchondo, Cubs fans and Racine native.

Michael, his brother Mario, and friend Dan are all from Racine and have been enjoying both baseball and tailgating for years.

"We've been coming here for a good amount of time before the pandemic came. So, we were missing it last year definitely. So yeah, ready to get back to some good times, and good food," says Dan Vassh, Brewers fan.

Not to mention the free food that's on the line if the Brewers take the series again.

"That's why I say it's early in the season. I have this series to get my money back, and some down the road, you know," says Mario Anchondo, a Cubs fan who already lost one lunch bet this season.

A few rows over, we found a couple who truly knows what compromise is all about.

"Well, I've been a Cubs fan ever since I was a kid. My dad grew up rooting for the Cubs in Wisconsin, so I followed suit," says Ross Kotten, Cubs fan married to a Brewers fan.

Clearly a saint, his wife Rebecca is just happy to be back in Brewers territory.

"First of all, the Brewers are doing a fantastic job. Because I haven't been within six feet of anyone who didn't come to my party. So the way they set up the parking lot is great. But I cannot even explain how excited I am to cheer on my Crew," says Rebecca Kotten, Brewers fan.

While Rebecca may have questionable taste in life partners, her friend Michael is a keeper. Because if the Brewers said they had to leave the Cubbies at home, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

"Oh, it would just be me and Becky right now, just us. Our designated drivers would come to pick us up," says Michael Sanchez.

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