Milwaukee businesses offer Brewers deals

Posted: 10:12 PM, Oct 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-12 11:47:26Z

Several Milwaukee businesses are taking advantage of the Brewers success, and in some cases, you can take advantage of their deals.

Snapdragon Flowers in Elm Grove is offering a Brewers-themed bouquet.

"I think it has given the whole area success," said owner Rhonda Deaver. "I mean you can just feel everyone is excited about it."

She has done specialized bouquets in the past for Packers and Badgers' success but this one is different she says.

"Even if you’re not a baseball fan you know about and have heard about it."

At AJ Bombers in Downtown Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, they are temporarily changing their name to Bernie's Bombers and featuring special menu items.

"We really want to bring the stadium experience to everybody who can’t be at the ballpark," said John Walch, President of the Restaurant Division of Marcus Investments, the company that owns AJ Bombers.

Robert Haack Diamonds is offering to refund up to $3,000 of jewelry purchased by Oct. 16th, if the Brewers win the Worlds Series.

"We do have insurance on a small amount of money and then worst case scenario if we have to fly down to Vegas and make a bet to offset it a little bit we’ll do that," Bret Eulberg said.