Milwaukee Brewers fans excited by success so far this season

Milwaukee Brewers fans excited by success so far this season
Posted at 11:29 AM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 12:47:21-04

MILWAUKEE --  For just the fourth time in the history of the franchise, the Brewers racked up 50 wins by the time Major League Baseball’s All-Star break rolled around.

The team currently sits atop the NL Central Division.
In Milwaukee’s Story Hill Neighborhood, near Miller Park, excitement among Brewers fans is building.
“The neighborhood’s been backing the Brewers for a long time,” said Richard Greiten, a Story Hill resident and former season ticket holder. “It’s exciting when they’re good.”
He and many of his neighbors are now enjoying the team’s success.
“I think it brings an uplifting feeling to everybody,” Greiten said.  
Dennis Sell, a Story Hill resident who works as a statistician in the scoreboard control area at Miller Park, said the atmosphere is jubilant at the stadium as well.
“It’s amazing. People are happy, and everyone seems to have a little pep in their step,” Sell said.
Sell added the team has seen many ups and downs since he started working for the franchise in 1982.
While Sell, 67, vividly remembers the 1982 run to the World Series, he said many younger fans have no such memories.
He now hopes the Brewers can keep clicking, win the division, and make the playoffs.
“I think that would be a tremendous shot in the arm for both the city and the state,” Sell said.
Greiten is also hopeful of a playoff appearance.  
“I don’t think this is a fluke,” Greiten said. “I think these guys have got something going, and it’s going to be interesting to watch the second half of the season.”