Lane Grindle joins 620 WTMJ Brewers broadcasts

Posted at 3:21 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 17:04:31-05

620 WTMJ and the Milwaukee Brewers jointly announce Friday that they have added a third member to their broadcast team.
Lane Grindle, a 10-year veteran of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Sports Network, will take the role of part-time play-by-play voice for the Brewers on radio.
Grindle will work with Levering when Uecker takes games off. He will also serve the Milwaukee Brewers on their digital and social media platforms.
“My family and I were only willing to leave such a tremendous place like Nebraska for a truly special opportunity and culture,” said Grindle on 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News" Friday. 
“It was very apparent to us from early on in the process that the Milwaukee Brewers provided both of those things. I am very honored to be joining such a rich broadcasting history.”
"We're excited to welcome Lane as the newest member of our Brewers' radio broadcast team,” said Carl Moll, Director of Network Operations for 620 WTMJ in a statement. “We think he is a terrific addition and are eager to introduce him to our listeners on 620 WTMJ and the Brewers Radio Network." 
“We had a deep pool of candidates for this position, but Lane was very impressive throughout the process on many levels,” Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger in a statement.
“Lane’s play-by-play skills are very strong, and he has deep family roots in the Midwest. He also has demonstrated interest in continuing to build our online, new media content with podcasts, blogs and other features. We know Lane is going to be a great fit for our organization and the Milwaukee community.” 
His first year with the Brewers and WTMJ comes after eight years as the voice of Nebraska baseball. He has also served as a pregame show host and sideline reporter on Huskers football since 2007.
One of the things that most gets Grindle pumped for the job - working with a guy who has had it for parts of five decades, Uecker.
"He's a national treasure, he really exemplifies what the sport is about. It's about fun, not taking yourself too seriously, and it's about having fun. He treats everybody really well, he doesn't act like he's a big deal, hes a great ambassador for the sport of baseball. I would be lying if i said that wasn't one of the big draws of this job for me."
Grindle's wife Ali, daughters Josie, Payton and Harper, and son Luke are making the move with him to the Brew City.
"Every time I met or talked with anybody associated with the Brewers organization, it just felt right. They're just great people," Grindle added.
"My wife, who grew up in Sioux City, IA...a few times today she looked at me and said 'I can't believe how great these people are!' "

After the announcement, Grindle shared his thoughts on social media.