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Finding the Brewers player with the best Twitter

Power ranking the Brewers players online
Finding the Brewers player with the best Twitter
Posted at 1:31 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 14:34:47-04

Brewer fans know how their favorite players are performing on the field, here's how they're preforming online. 

First off, here's a list of who doesn't have Twitter accounts: Ryan Braun, Lorenzo Cain, Manny Pina, Jett Bandy, Hernan Perez, Domingo Santana, Matt Albers, 

Bottom Five:

Jonathan Villar @JRVillar6
Villar has only tweeted twice since September 13 of last year, and one was a link to an animated YouTube video about two slugs who are best friends and their trip to Minutia. 
The other was him doing an upper body workout. Everything else is just a retweet of the Brewers account. 

Brent Suter: @Bruter24

His handle should have been bsuter24, which is actually still available if he wants it. Right now, it reads like Brooder which is a bad look.
Other than that, his account is borderline a fan account for Tim Dillard. 
Of his last 20 posts, 8 have been about retweets of Tim Dillard or about Tim Dillard. Also, his last non retweet was February 24. It was a picture of him wearing a Tim Dillard beanie. 

Eric Thames @EricThames

I had high hopes for Thames. He's a genuinely funny and likable guy, but his Twitter account is a bit of a dud. His description and profile picture are both well-above average, but his main offense is that he cross-posts from Instagram to Twitter. Big no-no. Nobody wants to see an Instagram link on their Twitter feed and he does it a lot. 

Jacob Barnes: @J_barnes30
Jacob Barnes is the reason I'd encourage all athletes not to include a number in their handle. Unless you're Derek Jeter, you're number is probably going to change. 
Even more confusing, his Twitter picture is of him wearing number 40. He's actually number 50. 
Also, his tweets read like a Dad sending positive messages to his children
His most recent, "Wow what a game! 5 games in and we already have some amazing things happening. This is going to be a fun year!" is definitely something that belongs as a caption for your son or daughters little league photo. 

Taylor Williams @TwillyFlash
10/10 for the amazing Twitter Handle, but that's where Williams Twitter game ends. 
He rarely tweets or retweets. he only has 31 total since 2014. He used to tweet more when he was in college at Kent State, but it's pretty much ignored now. 

Top Five: 

Honrable Mention - Dan Jennings @LtDanJennings
His handle causes you to do that nose snort laugh people do when something is mildly funny online, which is a huge plus.  He's only posted eight things since Christmas, but one of those things was him doing lunges while holding a baby. That makes up for it. 

5 - Eric Sogard @EricSogard
Playing Squints and rocking with the #NerdPower hashtag, Sogard is an incredibly cool and funny dude. His Twitter is pretty wholesome, mostly tweets about his family, but his children are adorable. Especially, his daughter Saydee who is just starting t-ball. 

4 - Maverick Phillips @Brett_Phillips

Once Phillips becomes a full-time major leaguer with an every day spot on a roster, he's going to be a great Twitter follow. This quote tweet of Adam McCalvy is all the proof you need. It's legendary.

3 - Josh Hader: JHader17
@Jhader71 is taken, so he had to settle for 17. Disappointing, but his Twitter name Josh Haderade TM more than makes up for it. 
He doesn't tweet all that often, but he clearly has potential. He's a guy to follow right now so you don't miss his meteoric rise to the top of Brewers twitter.
His most recent tweet included three fire emjois so he definitely knows what he's doing online.

2 - Jimmy Nelson @Jimmy_J_Nelson

He tweets a lot, is genuinely funny, and pokes fun at himself somtimes. What's not to love?
I guess he does tweet about Alabama a decent amount, so if you don't like seeing the Tide Roll then you might not like Nelson. 
But his tweets about #bigguyprobs, Breaking Bad and Sweating are classics. Must Follow.

1 - Travis Shaw: @travis_shaw21

Disappointed his handle isn't @MayorofDDC but Shaw is a quality photo. He uses gifs and emojis, quote tweets interesting stuff and tweets on a consistent basis. I mean, just look at this gold.