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Fans battle cold weather for Opening Day tailgate at Miller Park

Fans battle cold weather for Opening Day
Posted at 2:11 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 18:25:28-04

The parking lots were expected to open after 10:00 a.m. for the Brewers first home game of the season but there were so many people waiting, they opened the lots about an hour early. 

Fans poured into the tailgate lots with all of the essentials. Food, grills, beer and -- a fire pit? It may not seem like a usual April baseball tailgate necessity but on this day, it was. 

"My burn barrel," One fan said. "That's going to be nice and toasty in a little bit."

With temperatures in the 30s, fans looked like they were ready for a game at Lambeau and not Miller Park. One fan was in Eau Claire over the weekend and actually enjoyed today's weather at Miller Park as a respite to what he went through.

"It was snowing over the weekend," He said. "I'll take this over that."

However cold it was, one family wasn't going to let Mother Nature keep them down. They were flying high after winning tickets to the home opener. 

Becky Jagielski's husband got an envelope on his car last Thursday. Inside, he found a postcard from the Brewers in San Diego. 

"My husband came home with this little envelope and was like hey, we can get Brewers tickets," She said. 

The Brewers ran a promotion on Opening Day where they placed envelopes with a postcard written from a Brewers player. It was a way to keep the fans at home excited for the season while they started on the road in San Diego.

However, the luck didn't stop there. In addition to the free game vouchers for a game in April, the Brewers were also running a social media contest to win tickets to Opening Day.

Jagielski decided to post the "This is My Crew" sticker with her throwback Craig Counsell jersey. As luck would have it, she won.

"I'm very excited," Jonah Jagielski said. "I have never been to Opening Day. From what I hear from my mom, it's wonderful."

"Win or lose, we still love our Brewers and everything," Becky said. "It's wonderful."