Eric Thames rolls up to spring training in ridiculously large truck

This Ford F-250 is on Monster Truck level

First baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, Eric Thames, rolled up to Spring Training in a ridiculously large pickup truck on Thurs, Feb. 15.

"Rollin' up to Spring Training like..." was the caption that accompanied a tweet from the Milwaukee Brewers showing Thames standing next to the truck, his head at about handle-height.

Brewers Director of New Media Caitlin Moyer responded to the tweet with a photo of her next to the truck and the caption, "Had to get my pic with it, too...the door handles are above my head!"

Other commenters joked that Thames must have had a "Big Wheel" when he was a kid and that the only way to get up into the truck is with help from an elevator. 

The monster of a vehicle is a Ford F-250, and is a sure tell sign of where Thames is at all times.

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