Burger Bonanza: George Webb preps for historic burger giveaway

Posted: 2:34 PM, Oct 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-18 15:50:42-04

WAUWATOSA -- A burger to ease the burden of the Brewers falling short to the Dodgers in games 4 and 5 of the NLCS --that's what you can expect as George Webb makes good on its "12 in a row" win promise. 

“It tastes pretty good. I always have their burgers and it’s a very nice taste, and very special,” George Durate said. 

This special burger promotion is also one of historic proportion —it’s the restaurants second ever burger giveaway following a Brewers winning streak of 12 in a row.

“We have to be positive about this team, they’re a young team and anything can happen by Friday,” Durate said. 

But while we wait around for Friday we might as well munch on a free meal compliments of George Webb —VP of restaurants, Ryan Stamm said the diner last did this in 1987 giving away nearly 170 thousand free hamburgers.

“It’s all hands on deck today, we’re going to try to get the lines as fast as we can, we’ll get people through as quick as we can, but we’re going to have burger lines and we’re just going to be handing out burgers all day,” Ryan Stamm.

The "12 in a row" promotion dates back to the 1940s when George Webb himself said he would grill free hamburgers for fans if the team won 12 games in a row. it happened once and 1987 and now, in 2018 it’s finally happening again.

"It’s really special. they got the 12th win on Friday. The city’s excited, we want two more wins to get to the world series,” Stamm said. 

The free burger promotion starts at two and ends at six, but if you can’t get down here in time, that’s okay. The restaurant is giving away free vouchers redeemable until the end of the month.