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Brewers manager Craig Counsell tells TMJ4 News how he's spending his time without baseball

Craig Counsell compares Brewers to soup
Posted at 9:23 PM, Apr 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 23:39:55-04

"I'm home, this is an office and extra room where the kids do their virtual learning," Brewers manager Craig Counsell says.

In past baseball seasons, Craig Counsell's at work. Now he's just Dad, with new hobbies.

TMJ4 News Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan asks picking up some new jobs like cooking? "We're all cooking more...I talked to Josh Hader about that. I'm making my kids work out. They probably don't like that. None of us can do 7th-grade math," Counsell says with a laugh.

But Counsell is using the time wisely.

"I think we'll look back and say we got to spend good time with our family, once we get through this," Counsell says.

For now, all in baseball wait. But eventually can a return help?

Lance Allan asks, can baseball help heal once things get back going?

"One of the things I think we have to be careful as to kind of rush to all these answers. We don't know what games are going to look like. Are there going to be fans? Are there not going to be fans. But if we're always putting if before our questions? We're going to be wrong. The tough part? We don't have a date. We're thinking about ideas," Counsell says.

Counsell feels the Brewers could be equipped to handle a return to baseball.

"Our roster could help give us an advantage," Counsell says.

And the players seem to be fine.

"This is not a trick question...they are working around. We don't give them enough credit for that. They'll be ready when they get the call," Counsell says.

The Whitefish Bay native is a Milwaukee guy through and through.

"I feel for the Bucks...they had a championship season going. That's frustrating," Counsell says.

And the Brewers can help bridge the gap.

"The Brewers Community Foundation helps so many charitable organizations in Wisconsin and the Milwaukee, that quite frankly right now are hurting. We can help because they're getting shorted," Counsell says.

In August, Counsell will turn 50. And later on, so will I. So Craig has to get one last shot in.

"You're worried about this, Lance. This is the sixth time you brought up turning 50. I'm worried about you!" Counsell says with a laugh.

Hey, a milestone year and a return to baseball would never feel so good.

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