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Brewers' Lindblom looks ahead to 60 game season

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 13:36:35-04

MILWAUKEE — "Insider's look. If I get in trouble for it? Who cares. Be all right. Here you go fans!" Josh Lindblom says.

It's an inside look at what Brewers fans have been longing for.

"You know, Brandon Woodruff and I are here. We're working out together. Just, a lot of excitement today. Coming out here, you know sitting out in the stadium, it's a great day for a day game. The roof's open," Lindblom says.

As new Brewers pitcher Josh Lindblom wrapped up a workout, at Miller Park, he said, "You know, we've waited for this. Not really having a date, and then now to have a date? It's great. And knowing that your teammates are on their way here, knowing that you're getting back together, it's exciting not only for us as players, but I think for the whole city."

Lindblom gives fans a peek inside Miller Park

And the frequent question Josh gets, why did it take so long to get here.

"You feel a little embarrassed as a player. You feel bad, you know because you want baseball to be back really really bad. And I know at times it looks like that, from a fan's perspective maybe we didn't. So you know, I think first just apologizing for that. I don't think anybody wanted it to go down the way that it did. But you know, just patience throughout the whole thing was key. You know, thinking back to the climate that we're living in now, this is something that's never happened in human history. So, there's a lot of things that needed to be worked through," Lindblom says.

But at least baseball, and the Brewers, are back.

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