Brewers grounds crew puts final touches on field

Posted at 5:47 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 18:53:57-04

The sounds of lawnmowers and the sight of green grass make it seem like summer. But this is March in Miller Park, where the roof is closed on this cool and rainy day.

The Brewers grounds crew is busy painting and putting final touches on the field.

"We're getting close," said Brewers director of grounds, Michael Boettcher. "The grass is growing. It's getting ready."

Boettcher has four full-time turf managers working with him and it is a year-round job.

The mild winter had them doing something they've never done before.

"We actually ended up mowing the turf in the middle of December last year so it was a little different for us given the last couple of winters where we were actually really cold," Boettcher said.

A new feature this year is more netting behind home plate. It's to protect fans from flying bats and balls.

Boettcher said the process to select grounds crew workers is two-fold. "A lot of it goes back to passion people have for baseball and that love for being outside."

And they want people who like to have fun with their job including taking part in some pre-game rituals that Boettcher wouldn't divulge.

"There's a few things we do but I'll leave that for the crew room," he said.

During the season Boettcher has between 45 to 50 full-time employees. Anyone can apply.