Brewers fans load up on playoff merchandise

Posted at 9:27 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 07:16:08-04

The fans are getting fired up for the Brewers to head to the NLCS, where they will be taking on the Dodgers. It has the Crew faithful loading up on playoff merchandise.

"Got that Yehlich shirt, the Lorenzo Cain shirt over there, got a post season hat. I got a few T-shirts," said Steve Hassig of Waukesha, pointing out all the items he's already bought from Miller Park's MLB Store.

While Hassig carted off more items, other fans were struggling. A lot of shirts and sweatshirts already were sold out on certain sizes.

"We went to the MLB Store, we went to this one. We went to Kohls looking for something for a bigger guy like me," said Chris Schucht from New Berlin.

For Jessie Cannizzaro's family, she came because she had to find something for her 7-month-old son.  

"We got tickets this morning at 10 o'clock. We were one of the lucky ones that got some really nose bleeds seats and we are going to bring William for his first baseball game," said Cannizzaro.

Wendi Zaremba has gear but she's at the store because she needs more.

"I like them both, but I'm going to get them both," said Zaremba. 

Zaremba's real mission was to find something for her dad, Don Gallon. He was a scout for the Brewers from 1981-1992. Now he's rooting for the Crew from enemy territory at his home in LA.

"He loves the Brewers more. He loves them more," said Zaremba.

That's why she is sending out at least a playoff hat. 

"He's ready," said Zaremba.