Brewers fans embracing underdog role vs. Dodgers

Posted at 2:40 PM, Oct 09, 2018

While they may have the better record, the Milwaukee Brewers are not favorites against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS. 

The Dodgers are 7/2 favorites where the Brewers sit at 4/1. But that's just where Brewers fans want to be. 

"You know what, I think they're going all the way," Orieal Gilbert said. "You're the team not expected to win. You kind of have nothing to lose."

If the Brewers don't lose, George Webb plans on giving out free burgers for the 12 straight victories. While appetites will be filled, the fans want more.

"These Brewers are just as good as the '82 Brewers," Sam Rogers said. "For life we've been underdogs but this season, we showed who we are. We are not underdogs. We are mighty dogs. The Brewers will win. Matter of fact, 4-0 against the Dodgers."

"It's a miracle what these young fellas can do," Ralph Hingiss said. "I'm no big fan of the Dodgers particularly but competition is going to be good. Of course, their payroll is almost twice as much as the Brewers."