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Brewers' Brent Suter makes a pitch for composting

Posted at 10:39 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 23:39:25-04

MILWAUKEE — Brewers Pitcher Brent Suter is one of the most interesting Brewers.

"It's the way to have a sustainable society moving forward," Suter says.

But now, the Harvard educated pitcher is making a pitch, for composting.

"Composting is using food waste. Paper scraps. Whatever kind of organic materials that you would otherwise throw away," Suter says. And Suter knows his stuff.

"You want to definitely use as much junk mail, that's not lined with plastic," Suter says. "You know I mean, like this kind of material would be great."

Simple, basic material can make it work.

"So instead of throwing this right in the recycling bin or in the trash? I'm going to take this home in my backpack. Break it into little pieces...and put it in our compost bin," Suter says.

It's easy.

"If you're just doing it, by yourself and your family? You can do it in like a trash bin type area," Suter says.

And it's not just an "out in the country," rural thing.

"It won't will actually keep pests away because the pests often want to go to the, an organic you know, the anaerobic breaking down type material. But if you have that aerobic? It's actually going to have like an earthy smell to it, and it's not going to be too bad at all," he says.

With the left hander's goal, he can bring it right to his home field.

"We're hoping to get this going sometime in the next year or two at Miller Park," Suter says.

Suter, always being the class clown, even made a Forest Gump impression.

"Life is like a compost bin, you know you put stuff in there? You never know what you're gonna get!" Suter says.

And his Ace statement? As Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey.

"You know...instead of putting this paper, in the recycling bin? I say take it down to the compost bin. Thank you very much, take care now. Bye-bye then, ppppt!" Suter says.

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