Adidas released beer and vomit-proof shoes

Posted at 11:43 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-30 17:43:43-04

Getting a new pair of shoes is exciting—there’s nothing like the fresh, shiny look of some new kicks.

However, it can be nerve-racking walking around in a new pair of shoes, especially if you’re out at a social gathering or running around with the kids. It’s impossible to avoiding scuffing up your shoes from normal daily wear and tear, but when other people are in the mix, you want to make sure none of their mistakes end up ruining your new purchase.

If wearing new shoes makes you nervous, you’re in luck. Adidas has just released a pair of sneakers that are “puke and beer repellent.” The shoes are treated so that they’re water repellent, which makes them a perfect choice when you want to be comfy but also want to keep your shoes looking spiffy and clean.

And oh how spiffy they are:




The shoes were actually designed with Oktoberfest in mind—they’re even lined with a red and white micro-check pattern that matches the tablecloths at the iconic Bavarian festival—which is why their water repellent technology specifically calls out beer and vomit.




Oktoberfest is a raucous folk festival originating in Munich, Germany. More than six million people around the world attend the Munich celebration, with millions more celebrating at smaller, local events. Wherever you celebrate Oktoberfest, though, you can count on a lot of beer and a lot of food.

Which, let’s be honest, sometimes leads to, well, vomiting.

While these shoes were developed specifically for Oktoberfest, they are great for anyone who will be attending any sort of festival or gathering where drinking is involved, and they also seem especially useful for parents who are accustomed to their kids spilling and making messes.

Practical and stylish? Yes, please!

If you want to get your hands on these kicks, they will set you back over $200—but hey, at least you know they’ll last for quite awhile.

The shoes are currently sold out, but we have a feeling their popularity means a restock is coming soon.

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