Steven Avery's attorneys to speak in Milwaukee

Posted at 5:12 AM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 11:20:54-04

MILWAUKEE -- Steven Avery remains behind bars, but his lawyers are hitting the road.
‘A Conversation on "Making a Murderer" with Attorneys Dean Strang & Jerry Buting’ is kicking off a nationwide tour with a stop Friday at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater.
“People really want to carry on this conversation and do something beyond just watching the documentary and throwing things at the TV screen in frustration,” Buting said in an interview with 620WTMJ.
Buting said that though the Netflix docu-series was a hit and he himself was impressed, viewer feedback changes the closer the case gets to home.
“In Wisconsin, I think people know everything about that case, remember it when it was going on and there’s less interest in taking an open mind watching this documentary that would show a very different side of it," he said.
The nationwide conversation will discuss not only the series, but will also go deep into thought into Teresa Halbach’s murderer, who Buting said is still out there.
“Because of the investigative decisions that were done, things not done, leads not followed up, trails not pursued by the police back then, it may be very difficult to really piece together what happened to her,” he said.
Buting defends the legal system, but said it's up to the public to expect better and demand accountability.
For the full conversation with Buting, listen in the SoundCloud player above.