Rep. Grothman: Trump tweets are part of why GOP isn't winning by bigger margins

Steve Scaffidi Show
Posted at 1:22 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 17:27:39-04

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Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman told WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi the GOP should be concerned particular GOP candidates didn't win Tuesday's elections in numerous states, particularly in Ohio, by more percentage points.

"We feel the economy is maybe the best it's been in my lifetime. Usually, the party in power when the economy is booming is rewarded," said Grothman.

"I think a little of the problem here is that Donald Trump tweets too much. It kind of hurts us and enrages Democrats."

In battleground Ohio, the president took credit for Republican Troy Balderson's performance, calling it "a great victory," though the congressional contest could be headed to a recount. Democrats could also celebrate their strong showing in the district that has gone Republican for decades.

"We're not stopping now," Democrat Danny O'Connor told cheering supporters Tuesday night. Whoever is eventually declared the winner in the special election will take office immediately but only until the end of the year. The two men will face off again in November for the full 2019-2020 term.

But Trump declared unconditional victory, tweeting Wednesday, "As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win!"