"He started it" Donald Trump joins Charlie Sykes

Posted at 7:15 PM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 13:40:15-04

Just eight days before the Wisconsin primary and one day before a CNN Town Hall at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump joined WTMJ's Charlie Sykes to plead his case to voters.

Trump, Ohio governor John Kasich, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are vying for the GOP presidential nomination. 

Just last week, Trump attacked Cruz's wife Heidi, threatening to "spill the beans," yet in his interview with Sykes agreed that spouses should be left out of the race.

"Who wouldn't agree to that," Trump tells Sykes. "I think it's great. Again, I didn't start it, he started it. If he didn't start it, it would have never happened. Nothing like this would have ever happened."

Charlie Sykes has been very open about the fact that he is anti-Trump, something the front runner admitted during the interview that he was not aware of. Just last week, Sykes threw his support behind Ted Cruz.

With the Wisconsin primary one week away, an ad set to air in the Badger State, quotes multiple times Trump has bashed women.
"Women are just going to have to see what I've done." trump responded. "I've hired tremendous numbers of women. Women are in highest executive positions. I pay women, in most cases, more than I pay men, which is more than most people can say."
Trump added that this is not an issue he wishes to continue to speak about on his campaign.
"I thought this was actually a dead issue until I just spoke to you," he tells Sykes. "I'd rather be talking about trade, I'd rather be talking about the things that I'm best at, border security." 
While Scott Walker was still in the presidential race, Trump had stated that Wisconsin was doing terribly under his leadership, something he attributes to Time magazine.
"If Time magazine is wrong, than they should apologize," he says. "Then i would certainly apologize for reading Time magazine. But Time magazine gave that information." 
Another big issue that has been raised during Trump's campaign, is his previous support for Democrats and support of Democratic ideals.
"I was Republican, but I gave money to all politicians," says Trump. "Which is frankly a thing you would do, and every businessman would do. I never thought I would be running for office."
Trump says he's still confident he will win the nomination.
"Number one, I will beat Hillary, and there are polls to show that I do beat Hillary," he says. "But I haven't started on Hillary, number one. Number two, I'm an outsider. I came into this as an outsider, I'm a businessperson, I'm a really good person. That's what the country needs because we have $19 trillion in debt. A guy like Cruz doesn't know what it means. The politicians will never be able to straighten out. In a million years, they'll never be able to figure it out."

To listen to the full interview with Trump, click in the SoundCloud player above.

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