Could State Senator Scott Fitzgerald join Trump administration?

Posted at 2:47 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 07:47:22-05

More than two weeks after President Donald Trump's administration began, he still hasn't filled every position.

Could Juneau Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald take one of those roles?

"There are a lot of positions and jobs, specifically in the White House, that would be a fabulous experience. Most of my skills would be at the state level. If there is some way I could be helpful, I'm always willing to take the call," Fitzgerald said on WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News."

"They reached out to a lot of people in Wisconsin that were supporters throughout the process and asked them if they were interested in going to work for the President. I told (Chief of Staff) Reince Priebus and anyone who would listen, 'I would never close the door to any future venture, anything that would be an exciting things to do.' Nothing has happened since then. That's kind of where it's at."

In the meantime, Fitzgerald is a bit busy with legislation in Madison, including what will come from Governor Walker's upcoming budget. It reportedly will include greater school funding.

"I'm sure the Governor has a few things up his sleeve that he hasn't announced yet, or possibly will play close to the vest right up until he rolls it out," Fitzgerald speculated.

Additionally, the issue of road funding has become a key one, with roads and freeways that, in many cases will need major repair.

Could that include toll roads, already discussed among legislative circles in Madison? Fitzgerald said the federal government will play a role in determining that.

"The fed controls exactly how quickly, or whether or not, the state of Wisconsin...can move in terms of implementing some type of toll," said Fitzgerald.

"We've had conversations with the Fed. We got some of the estimate of the cost to implement that. I don't thind you can take something like open road tolling off the table until you have all the facts and figures. We just don't have that right now."

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