Rosé Strawberries And Raspberries Are In Stores Across The Country

Rosé Strawberries And Raspberries Are In Stores Across The Country
Posted at 12:49 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2020-08-05 15:51:59-04

Berry lovers know that the summer months are the peak time to enjoy this bit of nature’s candy. And here we finally are, with our berry bushes finally blooming. But just when you thought strawberry and raspberry season couldn’t get better, one of the world’s top growers has developed two limited-edition products: Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch.

The scientists at Driscoll’s have developed both the Rosé Strawberry and the Rosé Raspberry. With the rosé color and its associated flavors continuing to be a top trend in food, wine and even home decor, it seems only natural for berries to jump on the bandwagon.


Developing the rosé strawberries and raspberries has been the result of careful, non-GMO plant breeding by the scientists. By taking different products and combining their traits, these new fruits have taken on the qualities of both parents. In this case, the rosé strawberries and raspberries have a lighter appearance, taking on the trendy shade of pink.

As for the taste, the rosé strawberry “delivers a sweet, peachy flavor with a soft floral finish,” according to a press release. The rosé raspberries, meanwhile, which are developed from golden and red raspberries, are slightly sweeter than your average red raspberry.

Say Hello To The Sweetest Batch Berries

In addition to the rosé berries, Driscoll’s also has the new Sweetest Batch berries available in the produce section of markets around the country. These berries have been grown for customers who are looking for “high-flavor strawberries and raspberries” to add to their kitchens.

We can’t wait to try out these new berries in some of our favorite recipes, like Campfire Strawberries and Chocolate-Raspberry Cheese Pie, perfect for summer barbecues or spending time outdoors camping!

These limited-edition berries can be found in stores around the country, but only for a limited time. The rosé berries and the Sweetest Batch strawberries are only available from June through September, while the Sweetest Batch raspberries will hit shelves from July to September.

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