Pringles Now Has Chicken And Waffle-flavored Chips

Pringles Now Has Chicken And Waffle-flavored Chips
Posted at 11:25 AM, Apr 21, 2020
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It’s like they knew we needed some extra comfort in our comfort food.

If you love the salt-and-sweet combo of Southern-style chicken and waffles drizzled with maple syrup, you’re going to love the new flavor of Pringles currently being spotted around the country.

Pringles recently came out with limited-edition Chicken & Waffles chips. These are currently being sold only at Dollar General stores, according to the Instagrammer @candyhunting, who posted a picture of the cans. They cost about $1.50 per container.

A few reviewers who have spotted and tried these Pringles already said the new chip was heavier on chicken than maple syrup flavor. Instagram user Carb Connoissuer rated them 7/10 for flavor, and fellow Insta user Michael Webb wanted to know if the flavor counted as breakfast food even if it was in chip form. (It’d certainly be easier to eat in bed than an actual plate of chicken and waffles!)

Instagram user @i_need_a_snack_ raved about the maple syrup-infused, waffle-forward profile of the chips.

“Now the taste is right up there with the smell! I get the waffle and syrup right off the back and that seems to take the lead, although both flavors do mix together,” I Need A Snack shared. “Then at the end of the chip you’re greeted with that salty seasoned chicken flavor.”

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It’s Review Time! 🧇🍗 Cheese and Pasta, Ketchup and French Fries, Cereal and Milk; these foods all pair together perfectly like they’re almost born for each other. Well @pringlesus has brought the greatest pair of them all to chip form! I present, Pringles Chicken & Waffles! • • Now I absolutely LOVE chicken & waffles, the sweet and fluffly waffle with the sugary syrup paired with the seasoned chicken is just amazing! So I knew when I heard about @pringlesus releasing these, I had to get my hands on them! And they did a PHENOMENAL job! Now I found these at my local @dollargeneral and from what I can assume these are indeed Dollar General Exclusive so check there. They are also Limited Edition, so you’ll want to stock up now before they’re all gone! A can of course was only 1.50$ since it is the dollar store! Ahah 😂 But what a steal that is, I picked up 2 cans and thankfully I did because I’m nearly finished with the first lol! Now as I’ve always said, I absolutely LOVE @pringlesus artwork on their cans and this one is no different! We have a Pringle chip who has been turned into a chicken sitting atop a wooden fence with a glorious and inviting plate of fresh chicken & waffles right in-front of it, with a golden sunset in the background. I mean how cute! Now for the smell test I was blown away, these were SPOT ON, and I let multiple people smell to make sure I wasn’t imagining it! But they too smelled it! You’re first greeted with that sugary sweet maple smell that is the syrup, followed right behind it with a sort of sweet and salty mix smell like a waffle fresh out of the waffle maker. And then finally the last notes are that of a seasoned chicken! They should make this into a candle! 😂😂 Now the taste is right up there with the smell! I get the waffle and syrup right off the back and that seems to take the lead, although both flavors do mix together. Then at the end of the chip you’re greeted with that salty seasoned chicken flavor, almost similar to those cubes you get that you put in soup that are pre seasoned like chicken! Overall @pringlesus absolutely did an AMAZING job on these and I was they would stick around longer! 8.5/10 🌟

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The Southern specialty and brunch favorite might seem like an unlikely taste to add to your potato chip, but Pringles often offers unusual, limited edition chip flavors, like Mac & Cheese in summer 2019 and Ramen in 2017. Many of these short-term flavors are released exclusively to Dollar General.

The artist who worked on several fun Pringles package designs, including Chicken & Waffles, shared a lineup of his can designs, which also included unusual flavors like a Reuben Pringles and Fried Onion Rings Pringles.

Chips featuring chicken flavors are popping up lately. In January, Pringles suggested stacking a new rotisserie chicken-flavored Pringles chip with Pringles The Original and Pringles Jalapeño to make a spicy chicken Pringles “sandwich.” And Lay’s re-released its own Chicken and Waffles chip in April.


To find your nearest Dollar General, use the company’s store locator.

And for you Pringles fans who don’t have a store near you, reach out! Maybe one of your friends will take pity on your sheltering-at-home self and mail you some.

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