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Pillsbury Has New Birthday Cake And Brownie Snack Bars

Pillsbury Has New Birthday Cake And Brownie Snack Bars
Posted at 7:04 AM, Jun 07, 2020

Pillsbury has been rolling out some amazing new products lately that require no baking whatsoever. What’s not to love about chocolate chip or strawberry cheesecake cookie dough that you can bake or safely eat raw?

With summer on the horizon, we love the thought of enjoying baked treats without having to turn on the oven. That’s why we’re so excited about Pillsbury’s latest creation: individually wrapped birthday cake and brownie snack bars.

Instead of heading to the refrigerated dough or cake mix aisle, we can just grab a box of these yummy snacks and go! Each package comes with six bars that are perfect to have at home or pack for a picnic lunch on a gorgeous day at the park or the pool.

The birthday cake snack bars are flavored like vanilla cake and decorated with white icing and colored sprinkles. All of the celebratory checkboxes get ticked with these mini birthday cakes.


Chocolate-lovers can indulge in the chocolate fudge brownies. The rich, fudgy brownie is covered with a decadent chocolate icing. All you need is a cold glass of milk to create the ideal snack moment.

Where can you find these ready-to-eat snacks? You can go to Pillsbury’s official product page to find locations in your area that carry them.

Instagrammer James Trafton found them at his local ShopRite store:


If you still prefer to bake your own cookie bars, there are plenty of recipes out there that look similar to this ready-to-eat version. Tablespoon has a recipe for birthday cake bar cookies that keeps things simple by using a boxed sugar cookie mix. Seduction in the Kitchen’s recipe for birthday cake bars calls for two box mixes, sugar cookie and white cake. Both call for plenty of sprinkles!

But if no-bake is sounding perfect for the hot weather, keep an eye out during your next grocery trip to track down Pillsbury’s tasty-looking treats.

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