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People Are Spreading Joy By Putting Up Hearts In Their Windows

Posted at 4:05 PM, Apr 20, 2020

During these days of social distancing and self-isolation, it is easy to feel a sense of helplessness and loneliness. However, the human spirit remains strong and people everywhere have found beautiful, creative ways to spark joy, brighten their neighbors’ days and foster the understanding that we’re all in this together.

Sending Love Into The World

One of the many acts of kindness spreading across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic is the trend of placing hearts in house windows. Nonprofit organization Kids for Peace has initiated the Happy Heart Hunt, prompting kids (and their families) to cut hearts of any size from any material and attach them to outward-facing windows. In addition, they encourage people to take safe walks (practicing social distancing) and hunt for hearts in other windows.

The hashtag #happyhearthunt unearths dozens of fun, creative and touching examples. For instance, Sam Delabarre shared her Piglet and Pooh made entirely out of paper hearts.

“You are braver than you believe!” she wrote.

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You are braver than you believe! #happyhearthunt

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Other window displays also contain meaningful messages, such as this one by Kimberly Holton-Simpson.

“Six feet apart, together at heart,” reads the message in her window.

Other Window Art

Hearts are not the only uplifting artwork to be found in windows during walks around the neighborhood. Rainbows are also a common theme, as with this strikingly detailed “COVID art” by Mikyla Johnston (@homewiththejohnstons).

“Here’s some lockdown love I created on my window the other evening when I was off work,” she wrote.

Others share important info in their windows, such as Kiah Campbell, who added a message about handwashing to her already-existing rainbow heart window:

And some people are adding some levity to their window displays. Megan Ward went all out with this “Little Mermaid”-themed window.

“The signs with The Little Mermaid characters are meant to be sung to Under the Sea,” she posted.

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And our second window display is finished! It was a lot of fun. We did a lot of toddler crafts for it and I believe it turned out pretty cute 💕 (The signs with The Little Mermaid characters are meant to be sung to Under the Sea. Replace “even the sturgeon and the ray, they get the urge and start to play. We got the spirit, you’ve got to hear it, under that sea!” with the words next to Flouder, Sebastian, and Ariel) We’ll do a poll for the next display soon. This one might stay up for a little more than a week with all the work that went into it LOL. #stayhomeohio #governormikedewine #dramyacton #ohiostrong #covid #spreadthelove #quarantinewindow #disney #thelittlemermaid #iwanttobewherethepeoplearent #proudtobeanohioan

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Chalked Walks

Sidewalk chalk has also become a wonderful way for people to put smiles on the faces of passersby. Not only are people using the colorful sticks to decorate their own driveways and walkways, but they’re also surprising family and friends with designs.

“Traveled ALL over Buffalo to write chalk messages on the driveways of about 20 of our friends!!” wrote Jess Chapman. “It was so nice to see the faces of so many friends, from a distance of course.”

Hidden Rocks

All it takes is paint and a few rocks from your yard to fashion some cheerful art you can then hide in plain sight. Judy (@cleovantine) and her friend discovered some on a recent stroll.

“Friend Nancy and I, half way thru our walk came upon a Stop sign and found these wonderful reminders for anyone to notice,” she posted. “They did their part and we thank them for their messages!”

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🌳A walk in the Park or a meander thru the neighborhood, hope springs eternal!🕊 Simple blessings from 2 young girls that were painting rocks over a week ago in the neighborhood! Friend Nancy and I, half way thru our walk came upon a Stop sign and found these wonderful reminders for anyone to notice‼️They did their part and we thank them for their messages!✍🏻 #signsofthetimes #paintedrocks #paintedrocksofinstagram #messagesofhope #paintedmessages #hopespringseternal #neighborhoodwalk #coronavid19 #everythingistemporary #capecod #capecodinsta #capecodliving #capecodneighborhoods #capecodinstagram #wewillgetthruthis #justbreathe #smileoften #☮️and❤️always

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Instagrammer @beeeleeev929 paints, sanitizes and (with some help from her furry sidekick, River) distributes these gorgeous rocks for lucky neighbors to find.

“Spreading kindness, one rock at time,” she posted.

Whether you’re staying home or are off to an essential job, keep your head up and keep looking for those bright spots.

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