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We're Open: Transaction skate and scooter shop prevails through the pandemic

Posted at 6:46 AM, Jan 22, 2021

WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Partners in life and business, Lisa and Josh Coons run Transaction, a skate, and scooter shop, in West Allis.

"Lisa kind of had the initial drive to get the shop up and going. I had the passion when it came to the skateboarding itself," says Josh.

"Most of our custom stuff is piece by piece. People pick the board out, whatever graphic they like, the color of the wheels, and everything else. It's kind of like a build your own," says Lisa.

Despite being stocked with everything you need to start shredding pavement when the pandemic hit, Transaction expected the worst.

Thankfully, so far, the worst has yet to come.

"When we weren't initially opened, we were just doing by appointment, we had an overwhelming amount of people that wanted to come and support," says Josh.

With more people escaping to the outdoors, the business wasn't the problem, instead, it became having enough merchandise to sell.

"Begining of COVID everyone stayed home but they wanted to be active and get on trails. More people started skateboarding, but it was hard because we couldn't get any inventory," says Lisa.

But with skaters as loyal to the shop as they are the sport, even now with snow on the ground, the community has kept Transaction rolling.

"I feel like everyone here, they stop in and say hi. They buy what they can, even if they don't skateboard or scooter. They will buy the stickers or tee-shirts we have for sale," says Lisa.

"It's been cool honestly, just to have people enjoy the business and be a part of it. Grow-up in it and see people get older has been cool," says Josh.

Location: 8004 W National Ave, West Allis
HOURS: Monday - Friday Noon-6PM
Saturday: 11AM - 4PM
Sunday: Closed

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