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We're Open: Bel Aire Flower Shop continues to bloom amid pandemic

Posted at 6:33 AM, Jan 18, 2021

Bel Aire Flowers has been a staple in the Milwaukee area for over 50 years. For the past 23, Kristina Segedi has been in charge of making sure this business continues to bloom.

"Celebrations of weddings, sympathy, birthdays, we try to customize the arrangements to make them more personalized. Because ultimately the say it with flowers is the expression of feeling, especially today," says Kristina.

With the pandemic forcing Kristina and her florist to work through a time of separation, Bel Aire has become more important than ever.

"We've had our challenges with the pandemic, with trying to be open with no contact and keep our employees and customers safe. But it's really surprising at the outpour of small business support from our clients. While they aren't maybe doing a ton of home visits, they still want to show how much they love them, miss them, and are thinking of them. I've been honored to step forward for those people," says Kristina.

Offering no contact pick-up or delivery, Bel Aire Has been able to add a pop of color to people's lives.

"People can call us, they can order online, they can email us. We can tell them on the phone, 'OK this is what we have', we have them wait outside and we keep everyone safe and wrap up the delivery and bring it out to them," says Kristina.

With Valentines Day around the corner, Bel Aire has also teamed up with other small businesses.

"We do partner with some of our other small family businesses like Freese's Candy Shop. We carry some of her product and she tries to carry some of my product so that we can work together to minimize people having to go to separate places and minimize their exposure," says Kristina.

It's just another example of how everyone is trying to make the best of the situation.

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