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Valentine Coffee continues to serve up coffee for the community amid pandemic

Posted at 10:55 AM, Sep 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 15:45:07-04

In a town known for its brew, Valentine Coffee has made a name for itself by roasting.

"Our passion is coffee, the passion came out of our love for wine, food, and beer. We are just always looking for balance and deliciousness in everything that we come to offer. Coffee was our way to being a new product to Milwaukee," says Joe.

With cafes on the west side of Milwaukee and Oak Creek, Valentine Coffee is also sold in local stores and restaurants. Normally a good thing to have multiple outlets, it allowed COVID-19 to hit this business harder than most.

"The restaurant closure hit us really hard, there's no way to dance around that. So, we had to contract quite a bit, it's been a long six months, but we're here. We've pivoted right away to serve people safely and consistently to keep our customers safe, to keep our staff safe," says Joe.

Moving forward, Valentine Coffee is doing what it can to stick around for another 11 years, as well as help others stick around too.

"Part of our operations and part of our mission as a coffee roaster, we are wholesalers. We've positioned ourselves as the coffee roaster to help other people operate independently. We've always been proactive in sharing our experiences, sharing our expertise, showing independent operators how to best deliver our coffee to their customers," says Joe.

Roasted in Milwaukee and personalized with local products, Valentine Coffee is open and ready to serve you a cup of joe made in your own backyard.

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