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'This is going to be hard to overcome': Solly's Grille owner persists against the odds

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 09:07:23-04

GLENDALE — Nothing says Wisconsin like a butter burger!

Solly's Grille has been known for its version of the delicacy since 1936.

For nearly 85 years, the restaurant on Port Washington Road, near Glendale Avenue, has had a loyal following. But right now, it sits empty.

"We're about 90 to 95 percent down financially," said owner Glenn Fieber.

Fieber has had to let go of 15 employees.

"I have two people working out of 17," he said.

Their sole focus is on butter burger kits that people can call ahead to order and pay for, then pick-up without getting out of their cars.

Each kit comes with two pre-cooked and cooled sirloin patties, hamburger buns, cheese, Solly's homemade stewed onions, a cup of butter, chips, and condiments. All you do is warm it up and put it together.

"It's something that the families can do together," Fieber said.

He's hoping it will buy his business a little more time in dealing with creditors before some federal aid comes.

"Restaurant owners don't like asking for help, but this time we really need it," Fieber said. "In this industry, you go through many different problems throughout your career. Whether it be cash flow problems, whether it be three furnaces and an air conditioner just went out and need to be replaced. But this beats all of that. This is going to be hard to overcome."

Wisconsin is also known for hard-working people, and Fieber says he'll never give up on Solly's. He's staying focused on the day he can welcome all his employees back and serve a full house of customers again.

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