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The Nest is ready to meet your bird care needs

Posted at 6:33 AM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 07:33:10-04

There's a new spot in the Village of Greendale, and it's literally for the birds.

"The whole idea was to have something for everybody, whether you feed the birds, whether you like the birds or know someone who likes the birds. We have something here for you," says Anne Schimmel, manager at The Nest.

Opening on June 1, The Nest and Manager Anne Schimmel are ready to meet any of your bird care needs.

"I'm seeing a lot of families coming in and saying they got into this because they're in the house and the kids want to attract more finches, what do they need for that. Or hey love the cardinals, or we have a robin's nest in our tree, what can we do to help them," says Anne.

Even if you're just wanting to add some character to your yard, The Nest currently has several original pieces for purchase.

"We have birdhouses on display that were entries in the 'Our Wisconsin Bird House' contest. We had a total of 93 entries," says Anne.

So, maybe the pandemic has you more into gardening than bird watching.

"Those two go so hand in hand because there are plants you can put in to help support the wildlife as well," says Anne.

With a wealth of knowledge and top of the line products, The Nest has been busy. Anne couldn't be happier to learn the community loves the birds just as much as she does.

"The Village of Greendale, the people of Greendale, have always been so great in supporting the businesses down here. I've seen them all coming in and welcoming me, and all purchasing and supporting me. It's been fabulous," says Anne.

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