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Glendale Pizza Studio adjusts service in challenging time

Posted at 7:36 AM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 08:36:55-04

In 2018, Aaron Hurvitz opened Pizza Studio, a small franchise based out of Los Angeles.

"Love the concept, loved that there were different crust options and salads. It was a thing we're my father was able to get a product that he liked, something I like, and something that my kids liked. So it seemed like a good thing to bring to Wisconsin," said Aaron Hurvitz, owner of Pizza Studio.

Starting a new business, Aaron never expected things to be easy. But with everyone no longer in school or traveling to work, the effects of COVID-19 hit places like Pizza Studio harder than others.

"There is no dine-in traffic anymore, lunch is practically non-existent for us with everyone staying at home. So it has been very challenging, but my mother used to always say soldier on and that's what I have in my head as I try to keep this place going," said Aaron.

Setting Pizza Studio apart from other places is the very thing that makes a great pizza.

"There's a lot of pizza places around. But what makes Pizza Studio different is that we have a lot of crust options, and when people come here what most people talk about being excellent, is the crust. So whether it's traditional, or rosemary, or spicy firecracker, or a cauliflower, or my favorite the whole grain and flax it's just a really tasty crust. You can come here and build what you like and it gets cooked in three minutes. It's relatively inexpensive for a higher level pizza than you might get from a national chain," said Aaron.

  • There are also many ways to order your slice of pie from DoorDash to curbside pickup.

"You can go to pizza studio.com and order dinner tomorrow or at lunch. You can even order a pizza to cook later. So we have a lot of options here."

You can even order a pizza with some extra emotion.

"We're doing the pizza face thing just because I've been at home now, we're not open every day now, so you go a little stir crazy. So instead of ordering a regular pizza why not order a pizza with a face," said Aaron.

Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pizza Studio is open and ready to put a smile on your face and your pizza.

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